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About Kendall Jones

Hi Y’all! I’m Kendall Jones. Just wanted to introduce myself before y’all get to reading on my blog.

Kendall Jones during a jewelry photoshoot at Starbuck Ranch

Who is Kendall Jones?

I was born and raised in the small town of Cleburne, Texas. I graduated from Cleburne High School in 2013. I attended Texas Tech University, and I received a bachelor degree in Business Marketing in May 2017.  I was a cheerleader at the University for 3 years.  I don’t have any human brothers or sisters, but I do have a few furry siblings.  These babies are like children and may as well be human. Even though this might be controversial among my babies, I do have a favorite child and his name is Nemo! He is a 5 pound furry long haired Chihuahua that is my sidekick and goes with me on many adventures.

I assume if you are reading this, you know I am a hunter and love to be outdoors.  In my spare time, if I ever have any, I like to make DIY projects. I am most definitely a social butterfly, so hanging out with my friends is a must. I *kinda* love everything about fitness and exercising and staying in shape. Haha. I like to stay in shape to have the endurance to go on my hunts, but yes, it is a struggle to get to the gym sometimes.  Baking sweets, and sweets in general, is my weak point.  At the end of the day, my most favorite pastime is playing around with my 3 puppy dogs!

Growing up playing sports

From the time I could walk, I loved being active. I grew up playing many different sports, but by the time I was in high school, I had narrowed it down to volleyball and cheerleading. I played volleyball throughout high school, receiving numerous awards, and achieved all state as an outside hitter my senior year.

I took cheerleading a little more serious.  I started tumbling classes at age 3, and since then, have never stopped flipping. I always say if I can’t flip at the age of 40 I don’t know what I’ll do with my life.  While participating in cheerleading, I won over 50 national titles, including team and individual awards.   It was always my dream to be a college cheerleader, and I eventually got to live out that dream at Texas Tech University. Sports has and always will be a big part of my life. 

I will cherish all the many memories and friends I have made along the way.  Many times I hated all the work, time, and practice involved, but deep down I loved it so much more! It was definitely a love/hate relationship type thing.

After College

Growing up, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life (I barely have a grasp on it now).   I knew whatever it was, I wanted it to involve something I loved, and something that could impact people’s lives. I thought I wanted to be a Physical Therapist until I realized that physical therapy wasn’t what I thought. I thought it was more fitness training… silly me.

Luckily, a series of interesting events have led me to where I am now. I grew up hunting and fishing with my dad, and that’s what led me to getting involved with what now has become my passion. Kids are something I have a huge heart for, and I strive to get more youth and female involved in what I think is the BEST THING EVER - the outdoors! Whether it’s hunting, fishing, hiking, or just getting out and connecting with nature, I’m always game!

If I can change one person’s life by introducing them to the outdoors, then I will be a happy girl! I am going to write a more in depth blog about how I got into the outdoors, hunting, and fishing a little later. I just wanted to give a brief overview of who I am and my upbringing.

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss the next blog. I will be answering one of the questions I get asked ALL the time! It’s a good one!

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