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Riton Primal HD Binocular Review — Kendall Jones

Finally slowing down from hunting season and what a year I had! Although it wasn’t as busy as some previous years I still had quite the time! A couple of the most memorable ones were taking Kinley hunting in West Texas and putting her on her first buck ever! Later in the season I went back to West Texas and was able to get a whitetail of my own!  I also traveled south of the border to Sonora Mexico and got my first ever Coues Buck! So I definitely made a lot of memories this season! All of these hunts were filmed and up on my YouTube channel.

During these hunts I was able to test out some new gear including the 10 x 42 binos from Riton!

Below are some of the key features you should know about. 


  • With as rough as I am on equipment these held up great! Let me tell you- I am not easy on equipment…. Dropping things all the time, throwing them in my bag without covers, and just being clumsy in general…. These passed the KJ test!


  • The Riton Primal HD binoculars feature HD/ED glass which make them very clear and easy to see through. That quality is available at a very competitive price and they are definitely worth the buck, particularly when compared to competitor brands.  


  • Which brings me to this point- they are a great price point for the quality. Coming in at $600 MSRP, which is more like $400 (or less!) when purchased from a reputable establishment, you could certainly find some more expensive that are fancier. But the Riton binoculars did exactly what I needed them to do!


  • They are also very lightweight so they don’t add a lot of weight to your pack.

Lifetime Warranty

  • All of the riton products also have lifetime warranty no matter where you originally bought them.

Check out the complete Riton Line Up HERE!

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