KJ's 7th Annual Christmas
Angel Fundraiser

The Holiday Season is HERE!

Christmas is right around the corner and as most of y'all know I absolutely love helping Christmas angels! My mom and I started a tradition years ago where we would work with local organizations to buy gifts for the many kids that weren’t going to have any for Christmas.

In 2017, I really rolled up my sleeves and decided to leverage all that I could to make the most impact! I started teaming up with companies to donate goods for an online auction. This is how KJCAA was born! Five years later and the auction has grown beyond my wildest dreams.

In that time we raised OVER $76,000 and provided Christmas for over 380 kids and families during the holidays!

So I am here again calling on each of you to team up with us to make Christmas morning something special for as many kids as we can!

Ways to get involved:

1. Participate in the Online Auction
2. Monetary Donations online through HERE.   
3. Donate through Venmo @KJCAA2022
4. Purchase items that the organizations are in need of through this list here!

Get updates on the Christmas Angel Fundraiser!


A lot of people wonder how I find kids to buy for, I work with some amazing organizations whose mission's are to help kids in the local areas.

Women's Crisis Center

"The Johnson County Family Crisis Center provides a soft place for victims of family violence and sexual assault to land in their time of need." (Charline Adame, A Beloved Former Employee)

The Johnson County Family Crisis Center provides hope and healing to children, women, and men who have been or are currently living in an abusive environment. With a large amount of our homeless shelter clients being children, we provide lifesaving, compassionate services to enable these children to live a life free of abuse in their personal homes.

Heart For Kids

Heart for the kids has been in existence for 16 years.
"We are a completely volunteer organization that just wants to make sure that kids have some thing under the tree on Christmas morning. We also do back to school to make sure that every child goes to school with a new pair of shoes a new outfit, backpack and school supplies. We do all of this by Donations from our community and are trying to make a difference one child at a time"

Children's Advocacy Center

For over 20 years, Johnson County Children’s Advocacy Center (JCCAC) has helped child victims of physical and sexual abuse, as well as child witnesses to violent crimes, move from the role of victim to courageous survivor. Our mission is to provide each child who has suffered abuse with justice, hope and healing.” Child protection is at the heart of everything we do.

JCCAC is the sole nonprofit in Johnson County that serves children entering the justice system because of felony child abuse. We provide Forensic Interviews, Advocacy, medical evaluation, court accompaniment and trauma-informed therapeutic intervention. Services are available for as long as needed at no cost to the family.

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